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Yellow Belt Syllabus

Koketsu Kai - Tiger's Den Martial Arts

Yellow Belt

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Yellow Belt Syllabus

(3 months minimum training)

Dojo Etiquette

Bowing on entering and leaving dojo, 3 bows to start and finish class

Folding Gi

Tying Belt

Back Breakfall

Side Breakfall

Breaking front hair grab
Grab wrist, kick knee, knife hand strike elbow, shoulder lock, punch ear to finish.

Breaking rear hair grab
Strike top of hand, grind knuckles, grab thumb and pinky fingers, turn thumb up, small step out, turn to face attacker, step back, finger lock, kick groin to finish.

Breaking lapel grab
Trap wrist, step to attackers opposite leg, shin to shin, open hand strike throat, step back, wrist lock, kick ear to finish.

Breaking front strangle
Turn to the right side (horseman’s stance), protect face with left hand, strike down with right arm, right back fist, right kick groin, right punch head finish.

2 basic blocks with strikes to body
Cross block with double back fist to body.
Upward rising block with double strike to floating ribs.
2 basic blocks with kicks to body
S block with kick to knee.
Outside forearm block with toe kick to solar plexus.
Straight arm lock
Break balance to the side, step under arm, turn attackers arm, straight-arm lock, grab hand, turn hand downward to the outside, turn and kneel down, 4 corner throw, strikes to finish.

Breaking ground strangle between legs
Push head and trap attackers arms, strike kidneys with heels, lock legs over arms behind head, double arm lock with knees, tilt to side, strike groin to finish.

Breaking ground strangle astride body
Strike floating ribs with thumbs, twist arms and roll attacker off, knee groin, leg stretch, punch head to finish.

Outside Hock (Japanese name: Osoto-gari)
Left hand stance, S block, strike neck and tilt head, outside hock throw, strikes to finish.

Inside hock (Japanese name: Ouchi-gari)
Right hand stance, cross block, forearm strike neck, inside hock throw, kick throat, stomp head finish.

Combination throw – Inside hock to outside hock throw
Inside hock, uki steps out, outside hock, strike ribs to finish.

Breaking rear strangle - hip throw (Japanese name: O-goshi)
Protect head, elbow, hip throw, kneeling arm lock, strikes to finish.

Hip throw (Japanese name: O-goshi)
Right hand stance, cross block, strike ribs, hip throw, strikes to finish.

Kata of blocks
Right foot stays stationary, preformed left side first then right
Upward rising block
Cross block
S block
O block
Downward block
X block – up
X block – Down
Palm heel block
Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

Ground Self Defence Syllabus
Bottom Mount Defence 1
Protect head, rise up and hug attacker, arch back, move hands to shoulders, trap attakers arm, bridge and roll to top of guard, post leg and sit back, strik groin, finger jab to eyes, grab knees and push, stand and knee groin, push legs to ground as you back out.

Top of Mount Defence
Protect head, block attackers arms, slap attackers ears, thumbs into eyes, neck crank, post leg and sit back, push leg to side and pin with your knee, roll to heel hook and spin, heel kick attackers head and come to standing.

Bottom of Guard Defence 1
Protect head, keep head off ground, block punches, swim though punch to outside, head arm choke, grab attackers ear and/or finger in eye, roll to mount, trap arm and palm strike head with fingers into attackers eyes, step over to arm bar, heel kick attackers head and come to standing.

Grappling Syllabus
Chain 1
Bottom of Mount (bridge and roll escape) to top of closed guard,(walkover / spiderman pass).

Chain 2
Standing, Pull guard takedown to bottom of closed guard (leg grab roll over sweep) to top of mount, basic choke to finish.

Chain 3
Bottom of scarf hold (leg over head escape) to arm bar finish.

Telephone: 613-532-9159
745 Progress Ave. (YGK Combatives Group), Kingston, Ont.