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Purple Belt Syllabus

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Purple Belt

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Purple Belt Syllabus

(7 months minimum training)

Part 1

Escape from front headlock
Strike groin, grab legs to take Uki to ground, block Ukiís legs with your legs, strikes, kick neck to finish.

Wrist lock
Outside Palm Heel block, strike ribs, knife hand strike inside of arm (elbow), trap arm under armpit, apply wristlock, strike head to finish.

Counter to straight-arm lock - hip wheel (Japanese name: Koshi Guruma)
Straight punch at Uki, Uki starts a straight-arm lock, block elbow, hip wheel throw, stomp head to finish.

Counter to back arm and collar hold - figure 4 arm lock
Twist, grab arm and elbow chin, turn and apply figure 4 arm lock, take to ground, strikes to finish.

Downward block with punch into lock

Bar choke - right-hand stance
Right-hand stance, cross block, forearm strike to neck, bar choke, inside hock throw, kick neck, stomp head to finish.

Counter to bar choke
Hook punch Uki, Uki applies a bar choke, trap arm, turn out, strike ribs, roll arm, strikes to finish.

Crab claw scissors - right-hand stance (Japanese name: Kani Basami)
Cross block, backhand strike, grab lapel, crab claw scissor throw, heel kick to groin to finish.

Roundhouse kick to solar plexus with side thrust kick to knee

Holding and locking techniques on the ground - 4 versions
Kneeling arm lock
Kneeling wrist lock
Foot behind head standing arm lock
Leg wheel throw (Japanese name: O-Guruma)
Right-hand stance, cross block, strikes to ribs, leg wheel throw, strikes, leg behind the head standing neck crank, shop to neck to finish.

Any throw, turnover, shoulder dislocations
Knee on shoulder, stomp on shoulder, double arm step through.

Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

Ground Self Defence Syllabus
Bottom of Cross Mount Defence V2
Hold down, protect head and groin, leg drag to half guard, move to full guard, move arm to attackers shoulder then other arm to their head, push away and turn out to your side, apply elbow lock, come out from under attacker, put knee on attackers free arm, strike head and come to standing.

Grappling Syllabus
Chain 23
Minor outer hook throw (Kosoto-gake), top of half guard (switch base and free leg pass) to top of mount, cross chokes (3 versions), set-up to arm bar to finish.

Chain 24
Bottom of mount, opponent tries an arm bar, counter with figure 4 arm defense, stack, knee bar to finish.

Chain 25
Top of closed guard, break open legs, figure 4 ankle locks to finish.

Chain 26
Top of closed guard (far knee through guard pass) to top of cross mount, move to scarf hold, move to North/South, move to reverse scarf hold, paint brush arm lock, move to mount, control arm, opponent clasps hands to avoid armbar, move to side mount, 90 deg. Arm lock to finish.

Chain 27
Top of closed guard (far knee thru pass) to top of cross mount, chimera arm lock to side mount chimera arm lock, kimura counter defense, to finish.

Part 2

Palm-heel knockout blows to the chin
S block
Outside forearm block
Upward rising block with chop to neck
To left side
To right side
Escape while held by both wrists from behind (back kick)

Chop to neck with knee kick to solar plexus
Left hand stance, breast stroke block, knee to solar plexus, chop to neck.

Elbow and shoulder lock (right-hand stance, elbow strike to arm and twist)
Right-hand stance, cross block, strike head, elbow strike arm, elbow lock, strike head to finish.

Elbow lock from rear grab and punch (V shape arm and crossover)
Uki turn you and strikes from behind, V or prayer block, grab arm, strike to head, elbow arm, elbow lock, strike head to finish.

Holding and locking techniques from standing (4 versions)
Side wrist lock, full wrist lock, shoulder lock, rear arm lock.

Defense against right and left punches
2 S blocks, palm-heel and punch to throat
2 S blocks, left and right elbow to ribs
Knee wheel (outside hock version)
Left hand stance, S block, palm strike chin, knee wheel, strike head to finish.

Thumb locks
Wrist grab
Lapel grab
Intermediate ground grappling procedures

Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

Ground Self Defence Syllabus
Bottom of Knee of Belt Defence
Guard head, bump up and bring near knee/leg in front of attacker, push knee off belt, heel kick with far leg to attackers head, control attackers arm, push attacker away, strike groin come to standing and get clear.

Bottom of Knee of Belt Defence V2
Guard head, go behind, push attacker at belt and back of knee to roll them forward, lock leg and pin the other leg with your knee, strike spine and back of head, stand and stomp spine, get clear.

Grappling Syllabus
Belt Chain 28
Top of cross mount, chimera arm lock to side mount kimura arm lock, to forearm / front choke.

Belt Chain 29
Bottom of mount (double leg escape) to bottom of closed guard, opponent tries a leg on shoulder pass (elevator sweep) to top of mount, cuff choke.

Belt Chain 30
Bottom of mount (leg over escape) to Achilles ankle lock (2 versions) to finish.

Belt Chain 31
Low ankle shoot takedown, move to cross mount, move to knee on belt, knee bar (near leg and far leg) to finish.

Belt Chain 32
Ashi-Guruma throw, to cross mount, move to scarf hold, leg over arm bar to finish.

Belt Chain 33 - Arm bar defense counters:
Clasp hands: figure 4 arms and shake
Grab your gi: lean and push with leg
Grab your opponents gi: change angle and apply arm bar
Figure 4 arms: squeeze lock with arms and legs
Hands to top of your head: lock legs and apply arm bar
Pull elbow to the mat: kneeling squeeze lock
Stacking: come out the back, upside down arm bar to triangle choke.

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745 Progress Ave. (YGK Combatives Group), Kingston, Ont.