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Shodan-Ho Syllabus (part 2)

(4 months minimum training)

  1. Restraining an opponent from behind
    • Septum
    • Edge of foot in back of knee / hair grab
    • Wrist choke

  2. Inside leg sweep - right-hand stance, (Japanese name: Uchi-mata)
    Cross block right hand strike, downward block low left-hand strike, inside leg sweep throw.

  3. One-handed throws (all right handed stance)
    • Shoulder throw – outside palm block, shoulder throw, kick head to finish.
    • Sweeping hip throw – Hammer fist block, strike ribs, sweeping hip throw, kick head to finish.
    • Outside hock – Outside palm block, strike neck, outside hock throw, kick head to finish.
    • Inside hock – One-arm cross block, strike neck, inside hock throw, stomp neck, stomp head.
    • Neck throw – Hammer fist block, elbow strike to midsection, grab head, neck throw, kick head to finish.

  4. X-block from punch to head
    Uki punches at head, X-block up, knee to chest, elbow to back of head, turn head take to ground, finish with chop to neck.

  5. Bottom fist and its uses (10 versions)
    • Striking block to punch
    • Right side of neck
    • Right temple
    • Right eye
    • Nose
    • Left eye
    • Left temple
    • Left neck
    • Back swinging strike to throat
    • Back swing to groin.

  6. Attacking eyes and ears (10 versions)
    S-block right punch, S-block left punch,
    • Clap ears with hands,
    • Ear rub strike,
    • Clap ears with wrists,
    • Pressure point below ear,
    • Twist ears,
    • Fingers in ears,
    • Finger strike to eyes,
    • Thumbs to eyes,
    • Two figure strike to eyes,
    • Knuckle to eyes.

  7. Rolling ankle throw
    S-block, punch stomach, rolling ankle throw, strike head to finish.

  8. Reverse hip throw
    S-block, strike to neck, reverse hip throw, strikes to finish.

  9. Knife defense (6 versions)
    • Overhead stab – Outside palm block, knife in to uki, front roll to create distance.
    • Slash at head – Cross block, strike ribs, strike elbow, arm lock, take to ground, strikes to finish.
    • Backhand slash at head – Cross block, strike head, knife hand strike inside elbow, lock arm, turn and bring knife across throat of uki, fold arm under, strikes to finish.
    • Thrusting stab at chest – Palm block, kick ribs, wrist throw, knife into ground, slide uki’s hand down knife.
    • Held at chest – Two hand slap wrist to remove knife, elbow to head to finish.
    • Held at throat from behind – Grab arm that has the knife, turn out, knife into uki.

    Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

    Ground Self Defence Syllabus
  10. Rear Mount

    Combined Grappling Arts (CGA) Syllabus
  11. Blue Belt Chain 4.
    Top of far guard double leg pass to knee on belt, move to top of mount, figure 4 neck crank to finish.

  12. Blue Belt Chain 5.
    Top of half guard, stand and bounce escape to top of mount, snap arm bar (udi gatami)

  13. Blue Belt Chain 6.
    Triangle defence counters:
    • Stacking: Grab leg roll to arm bar
    • Pin leg lift head: Udi-gatame
    • Hand to ear: Pull arm away and wrist lock
    • Grab your leg: Omaplata
    • Leg over and fall back: push leg off of head and move to mounted triangle choke.