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Shodan Black Belt (1st Dan.) Syllabus

(6 months minimum training)

  1. Throwing techniques
    • Drawing ankle
    • Reclining leg throw
    • Corner throw
    • Valley drop
    • Reverse hip throw
    • Shoulder wheel
    • Leg throw
    • Knee wheel
    • Minor inner hook
    • Reverse shoulder
    • Crab claw scissors
    • Front scissors
    • Inside leg sweep
    • Outer wheel
    • Outer hook

  2. Combination throws
    • Shoulder throw into recumberant ankle
    • Hip throw into stamp throw
    • Body drop into half scissor throw
    • Sweeping hip into outside hock
    • Inside hock into inner hook

  3. Counter throws
    • Body drop against drawing ankle
    • Rear throw against hip throw (rolling)
    • Wrist choke against half shoulder
    • Leg hook against body drop (step over)
    • Shoulder twist against shoulder wheel

  4. Defense against kicks
    • Crescent / heel kick
    • Roundhouse to body
    • Roundhouse to head
    • Back kick to body
    • Straight snap kick to body

  5. Palm-heel blocks with various attacks (5 versions)

  6. Kata of blocks

    Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

    Ground Self Defence Syllabus
  7. Face down scarf hold
    Protect neck, make frame and get to knees, grab inside of attackers thigh or strike groin, trap arm and pull head out, hammer lock, strike to finish come to standing.

  8. Face down rear mount

    Combined Grappling Arts (CGA) Syllabus
  9. Blue Belt Chain 7.
    Top of closed guard, can opener neck crank, forward achillies lock / heel hook to finish.

  10. Blue Belt Chain 8.
    From clinch, push opponents head down and trap arm, corner throw, figure 4 choke, move to north / south, paint brush / kimura arm lock to finish.

  11. Blue Belt Chain 9.
    Bottom of closed guard, thread the needle choke, scissor sweep, blocked by opponent, foot on knee counter, bloocked by opponent, knee bar to finish.

  12. Blue Belt Chain 10.
    Top of half guard, knee bar, blocked with crossed ankles, move to Achilles ankle lock, crossed Achilles ankle lock to finish.

  13. Blue Belt Chain 11.
    Bottom of cross mount, leg drag to bottom of half-guard, come out the back escape to top of cross mount, move to knee on belt, udi gatami to finish.

  14. Blue Belt Chain 12.
    Bottom of far guard, forward sweep to top of cross mount, standing achilles ankle lock / heel hook to finish.

  15. Blue Belt Chain 13.
    Single leg take down to top of cross mount, knee bar (blocked), move to reverse mount and double leg control position, knee bar to finish.

  16. Blue Belt Chain 14.
    Opponent tries a hip throw, utsuri-goshi to top of cross mount, bravo choke to finish.

  17. Blue Belt Chain 15.
    Opponent tries a hip throw, ushiro-goshi to top of cross mount, move to north / south, arm bar, opponent counters, far collar and leg choke to finish.

  18. Blue Belt Chain 16.
    Bottom of closed guard, chimera arm lock, blocked by opponent, omaplata to finish.