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orange belt


Orange Belt Syllabus

(4 months minimum training)

  1. Front Breakfall

  2. Front Rolling Breakfall

  3. Rear Rolling Breakfall

  4. Principle of balance (Kusushi - no Kata)
    Front, back, left, right, back-left, back-right, front-left, front-right

  5. Escapes from wrist grabs

  6. Escape from front bear hug - nerve point
    Strike back of head, trap head, nerve point at ear, take to ground, strikes to finish.

  7. Escape from rear bear hug - step back, pull leg
    Strike attackers hands and pin, step back, pull leg takedown, break knee, kick groin, kick neck, pass leg and pin, strikes, stomp head to finish.

  8. Breaking front strangle - twist arms, septum nerve point
    Twist arms, septum nerve point take to ground, kicks to finish.

  9. Breaking rear strangle - body drop (Japanese name: Tai-otoshi)
    Protect head, elbow, backfist to groin, body drop throw, strike, kneeling wrist lock, strikes to finish.

  10. Hip throw(Japanese name: O-goshi)
    Left hand stance, S-block, punch to chest, hip throw, punches to finish.

  11. Straight arm lock - on forearm, take to ground
    Left hand stance, double downward palm block, back fist, straight arm lock, take to ground, strike groin to finish.

  12. Wrist lock - from push to chest
    Lock Ukiís wrist with opposite hand, lean forward to lock, take to ground, strike to finish.

  13. Breaking ground strangle between legs - spine lock
    Push head, grapevine legs, turn head and roll over on top of Uki, strike neck, groin, chest to finish.

  14. Breaking ground strangle astride body - head into ground
    Thumb strike floating ribs, strike neck pressure point and grab head, head into ground, roll Uki over, strike groin to finish.

  15. Shoulder lock - from lapel grab
    Uki grabs lapel and punches, cross block, back fist, arm bar, knee head, shoulder lock, strike ear to finish.

  16. Recumberant ankle throw - from kick to head
    Laying down, block kick to head, kick stomach, knee strike Ukiís knee, recombinant ankle throw, kick groin to finish.

  17. Arm lock in a standing position - upward rising block
    Left hand stance, upward rising block with punch to stomach, arm lock, take to ground, strikes to finish.

  18. Body drop throw (Japanese name: Tai-otoshi)
    Right hand stance, cross block, strikes to ribs, body drop throw, strike, kneeling straight arm lock.

  19. Defense against kick to head - ankle lock
    Laying down, block kick to head, kick stomach, grab ankle, chop leg takedown, ankle lock, shift to kneeling position, punch kidneys, palm strike head to finish.

  20. Front scissor throw - outside block, kick to kidney and head
    (Japanese name: Mae Basami Nage)
    Outside block, kick stomach, front scissor throw, kick kidney, kick head to finish.

  21. Counter to back arm and collar hold - twist & apply same lock
    Back arm and collar hold, small turn, grab hand and strike groin, step around and apply back arm and collar hold to Uki, palm strike head to finish.

  22. Nerve and pressure points
    Temple, neck, throat sternum

  23. Strikes to body
    • S block with palm heel to chin
    • S block with elbow to stomach

  24. Kicks to body
    • Outside forearm block with side thrust kick to knee
    • Outside forearm block with shin kick to thigh

    Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

    Ground Self Defence Syllabus
  25. Bottom Mount Defence 2
    Protect head, rise up and hug attacker, arch back, move hands to shoulders, trap attackers arm, palm strike opponents chin, bridge and roll to top of guard, post leg and sit back, strike groin, finger jab to eyes, trap leg, stand and turn opponent over, groin stretch, strike groin, stand, stomp spine to finish.

  26. Bottom of Guard Defence 2
    Protect head, keep head off ground, block punches and trap arm and head, grape vine legs, roll to mount, palm strike head, fingers into eyes, shoulder arm lock, step over and pin with leg, strikes to finish.

    Combined Grappling Arts (CGA) Syllabus
  27. Yellow Belt Chain 4
    Bottom of scarf hold (knee in back escape) to rear mount, trap arm, rear naked choke (2 versions) to finish.

  28. Yellow Belt Chain 5
    Top of closed guard (leg on shoulder pass) to cross mount, cross body arm locks (paint brush, snap arm bar, kimura) to finish.

  29. Yellow Belt Chain 6
    Bottom of cross mount (push hip escape) to bottom of closed guard (scissor weep) to top of mount, arm bar to finish.