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Green Belt Syllabus (part 2)

(3 months minimum training)

  1. Escape while held by both wrists from behind - ankle throw
    Step on foot, ankle throw, kick head to finish.

  2. Arm and shoulder throw
    Left hand stance, outside palm block, arm shoulder throw, shoulder and arm/wrist lock, elbow to head to finish.

  3. Nerve and pressure points
    (top of head / rear of neck / clavicle / neuralgic)

  4. Lapel shoulder throw (Japanese name: Eri seoi nage)
    Right hand stance, cross block, strike neck, lapel shoulder throw, strikes to finish.

  5. Spring hip throw (Japanese name: Hane-goshi)
    Left hand stance, knee, springing hip throw, strike, neck and shoulder lock to finish.

  6. Rear scoop throw (Japanese name: Sukui-nage)
    Left hand stance, breast stroke block, knee, rear scoop throw, stomp spine to finish.

  7. Leg throw with lock
    Right hand stance, upward rising block, strike, leg throw, kick groin, step on leg, leg lock, pass leg, strike kidney and stomp head to finish.

  8. Front scissor throw- breast stroke block (Japanese name: Mae Basami Nage)
    Left hand stance, breast stroke block, knee, front scissor throw, leg lock, palm strike head and stomp head to finish.

  9. Naked strangle - outside forearm block (Japanese name: Hadaka jime)

  10. Single wing strangle - outside forearm block (Japanese name: Kataha jime)

  11. 4 strikes to body - Elbow / bottom fist / open hand / wrist

  12. Scarf hold - from throw (Japanese name: Kesa gatame)

  13. Shoulder hold - from throw (Japanese name: Kata gatame)

  14. Cross over arm lock - from throw (Japanese name: jujigatame)

  15. Rice bale throw (Japanese name: Tawara-gaeshi)
    Left hand stance, S block, strike stomach, rice bale throw, wrist choke, turn over, strike head to finish.

  16. Double arm shoulder lock - from throw

  17. Variations on kicks, 4 versions
    Side kick to knee, heel kick to back of leg, heel kick to back, front kick to groin.

  18. Wrist locks, 3 versions - Flat hand / open hand / bottom fist

  19. Basic ground grappling procedures

  20. Development of blocks Kata

    Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

    Ground Self Defence Syllabus
  21. Defence from Bottom Scarfhold
    Protect head and turn to side, trap arm when attacker punches, grab attackers side below his ribs as squeeze, bridge forward, while bridging forward roll to the sided, control arm and palm strike head with finger attack to eyes, arm bar, heal kick to head, come to standing and get clear. If attacker protects arm, attack eyes and trap arm, execute a paint brush arm lock, come to knee on belt, strikes to head, come to standing and get clear.

    Combined Grappling Arts (CGA) Syllabus
  22. Orange Belt Chain 2 - Arm bar defense:
    • clasp hands
    • Grab your gi
    • grab your opponents gi
    • figure 4 arms
    • hands to top of your head
    • pull elbow to the mat
    • stacking
    • spin out
    • push leg and trap
  23. Orange Belt Chain 3
    Top of guard, knee bar (step through and knee through), inward and outward ankle lock to finish.

  24. Orange Belt Chain 4
    Pull guard take-down to bottom of closed guard, scissor sweep (blocked), belt roll to top of mount, kimura arm lock and paint brush arm locks to finish.

  25. Orange Belt Chain 5
    Pull guard to bottom of closed guard, triangle choke to arm bar to triangle choke.

  26. Orange Belt Chain 6
    Bottom of scarf hold (leg over stretch escape), seated arm bar to finish.