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Green Belt Syllabus (part 1)

(3 months minimum training)

  1. Handstand Breakfall

  2. Defence against kick to head - leg lock
    Prone, block kick to head, kick stomach, double leg take to ground, double leg lock, punch kidneys, palm strike head and stomp head to finish.

  3. Arm lock in a standing position - outside block
    Outside palm block, palm strike head, arm lock, elbow strike to finish.

  4. Shoulder arm lock
    Left hand stance, S block, shoulder arm lock.

  5. Wrist throw with lock - punch to stomach (Japanese name: Kote gaeshi)
    Left hand stance, fade back, palm block, kick stomach, wrist throw, kneel on arm strike groin, figure-print lock to finish.

  6. Shoulder lock - strike medulla oblongata
    Left hand stance, downward block, strike medulla oblongata, knee, shoulder lock, strike ear finish.

  7. Reclining leg throw with strikes - kneel down
    Right hand stance, upward rising block, elbow to ribs, reclining leg throw, strike groin, pass leg, punch kidney, strike head to finish.

  8. Breaking ground strangle - on arms
    Uki mounted and on your arms, buck off and strike groin to finish.

  9. Breaking ground strangle - straight fingers
    Uki behind head, grab head, straight finger thrust to neck, roll opponent to side, knee head and strike to finish.

  10. Body drop throw - left-hand stance (Japanese name: Tai-otoshi)
    Left hand stance, S-block with cat step to the side, strike, body drop throw, strikes to finish.

  11. Full shoulder throw - cricket bat finish (Japanese name: Ippon-Seoinage)
    Right hand stance, cross block, double strike ribs, straight arm lock, full shoulder throw, strike head, cricket bat finish.

  12. Escape from bear hug - neck twist
    Strike back of head, twist neck, take Uki to ground, strike neck to finish.

  13. Escape while held under the arms from the back - wrist lock
    Strike attackers hand and knuckle rub, elbow to head, turn out to wrist lock, kick to finish.

  14. Escape while held over the arms from the front - inside hock
    (Japanese name: Ouchi-gari)
    Thumbs into hip joints, step back, knee groin, inside hock, kick throat, stomp to finish.

  15. Escape while held over the arms from the rear - shoulder throw
    (Japanese name: Seoinage)
    Grab arms, raise your elbows and sink down, shoulder throw, stomp head to finish.

  16. Stamp throw
    Right hand stance, cross block, double strike ribs, stamp throw, kick, prayer lock to finish.

  17. Escape from side headlock - apply arm lock
    Trap arm, turn out, strike groin, head out, apply arm lock to finish.

  18. Sweeping hip/loin throw (Japanese name: Harai-goshi)
    Left hand stance, S block, kick to inside of leg, sweeping hip/loin throw, stomp, standing arm lock between legs, strike to Finish.

    Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

    Ground Self Defence Syllabus
  19. Defence from Bottom of Guard (Version 3)
    Bottom of guard, s-block and grab both arms when punches are thrown, loosen up on one arm but do not let go, heel kick to head, roll attacker to the side, keep pressure on chin, control one arm and protect head from possible kick, strike groin, come to standing and get clear.

    Combined Grappling Arts (CGA) Syllabus
  20. Yellow Belt Chain 7
    Bottom of Rear mount, guard choke and free leg, turn to opposite side, free to cross mount, cross body arm locks (paint brush, arm bar with wrist lock, kimura) to finish.

  21. Yellow Belt Chain 8
    Bottom of cross mount opponent tries to mount, (leg drag) to half guard and roll to top of half guard (free leg) to top of mount, cross chokes (3 versions) to finish.

  22. Yellow Belt Chain 9
    Lifting hip throw (Tsuri-goshi), cross mount, transfer to scarf hold, double paint brush (arm and leg) to finish.

  23. Yellow Belt Chain 10
    Forward foot sweep (De-ashi Harai) throw to cross mount, transfer to mount, arm bar to finish.

  24. Orange Belt Chain 1
    Bottom of mount (push hips double knee escape) to bottom of closed guard, arm bar to finish.