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Blue Belt Syllabus (part 2)

(3 months minimum training)

  1. Outside hook throw (Japanese name: Sukui nagi)
    Right hand stance, cross block, forearm strike to neck, outside hook throw,strike groin, Indian death lock, knee on legs, kick / foot in throat, strike groin to finish.

  2. Scissors and naked choke hold
    Left hand stance, outside palm block, grab arm and lapel, rear mount, leg squeeze, heel strikes to groin, roll Uki over, choke, strike neck to finish.

  3. Wedge block with kick to groin
    From front choke, wedge block, kick groin, elbow head to finish.

  4. Escape from half-nelson
    Cross Step, heel kick, sweep, stomp head to finish.

  5. Outside block, kick to solar plexus, punch to head

  6. Outside block, elbow to ribs, back fist, punch to head

  7. Hip wheel (Japanese name: Koshi Guruma)
    Right hand stance, cross block, double strike ribs, hip wheel throw, strike, standing twisting arm lock, strike head to finish.

  8. Upper 4 quarter hold from throw (Japanese name: Kami siho gatame)

  9. Side 4 quarter hold from throw (Japanese name: Yoko shiho gatame)

  10. Head, hip knee throw
    Left hand stance, S-block, strike neck, head hip knee throw, neck crank, elbow to finish.

  11. Escape from full nelson
    Resist, loosen and drop, strike groin to finish.

  12. Rice bale throw (Japanese name: Tawara-gaeshi)
    Left hand stance, breast stroke block, knee, rice bale throw, roll over with Uki, neck crank, strike head to finish.

  13. Wrist throw with lock - from punch to head (Japanese name: Kote gaeshi)
    Outside palm heel block, kick to leg, wrist throw, secure arm between legs, strike wrist, strikes to finish.

    Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

    Ground Self Defence Syllabus
  14. Defence from Bottom Scarfhold (Version 2)
    Protect head and turn to side, trap arm when attacker punches, move hips away from attacker, knee strike attackers spine, pull head out, establish cross body control and leg over attackers leg for control, trap arm and roll attacker face down, palm strike back of head, choke, stand and stomp spine, get clear. If the attacker will not roll forward, hook figures under chin and thumb under nose and pull backwards and roll attacker to other side, get hooks in attackers legs, protect head, rear naked choke, use nose or eyes of attackers tries to prevent choke, sit attacker up, grab arm and roll attacker face down, palm strike back of head stand and stomp spine, get clear.

    Combined Grappling Arts (CGA) Syllabus
  15. Orange Belt Chain 10
    Go behind spin take-down to top of mount, arm bar (countered by clasped hands), foot through to triangle choke, wrist lock to finish.

  16. Orange Belt Chain 11
    Bottom of scarf hold (push / pull reversal escape) to top of cross mount, forearm cross choke to finish.

  17. Orange Belt Chain 12
    Bottom of cross mount (bridge to knees escape) to top of cross mount, move to scarf hold to avoid pass, leg arm bar and leg paint brush combo to finish.