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Brown Belt Syllabus

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Brown Belt

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Brown Belt Syllabus

(8 months minimum training)

Part 1

Drawing Ankle Throw - left-hand stance
(Japanese name: Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi)
S-block, drawing ankle throw, stomp head finish.

Transitional hip throw - left-hand stance
(Japanese name: O-goshi)
S-block, palm strike head, elbow chest, hip throw, punches to finish.

Wrist locks
Applied with chest – Trap hand, open hand strike throat, wrist lock applied with chest, take to ground, kneeling arm lock.

Walking stick lock – Right hand stance, downward palm block, side thrust kick, turn to opponent, apply walking stick lock.
Nerve and pressure points (top of nose / top lip / bottom lip / under chin)

Counter to bar choke – throw
You hook punch at uki, uki blocks and applies a bar choke, turn to the side, strike uki’s ribs, any throw, finish with strikes.

Counter to back arm and collar hold – throw
You are in a back arm and collar hold, turn, strike ribs and grab hand, wrap your arm around uki’s arms, throw, strikes to finish.

Cross ankle throw - right-hand stance
Cross block, double strike ribs, cross ankle throw, strikes, leg behind head standing arm lock finish.

Throwing an opponent from behind
Double leg grab, Pull out both legs, kick groin, stomp spine.
Shoulder / leg push, Shoulder / leg push takedown, leg lock and twist neck.
Rolling throw, Rolling takedown, punch head to finish.
3 blocks using the same arm
Left arm
Right arm
Hip throw (O goshi)
Half hip (Uki goshi)
Half shoulder
Full shoulder (Ippon seoi nage)
Body drop (Tai otoshi)
Sweeping hip (Harai goshi)
Spring hip (Hane goshi)
Inside hock (Ouki gari)
Outside hock (Osoto gari)
Rice bale (Tawara Gaeshi)
Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

Ground Self Defence Syllabus
Bottom of North/South
Guard groin, slap ears, strike back of head and the other down to chin, pressure point, strike top of head with knee, roll to side, strike head and groin, come to standing.

Grappling Syllabus
Chain 34
Bottom of cross mount (push hip escape) to bottom of closed guard (hip bump sweep) to top of mount, move to S-mount, triangle choke to finish.

Chain 35
Bottom of cross mount (leg drag escape) to half guard, knee in hip escape to triangle choke to finish.

Chain 36 - Triangle choke defense:
Pin leg / Pull head.
Hand to ear outside of leg.
Hand to neck inside og leg.
Grab your Leg.
Leg over and fall back.
Head up and stand up.
Chain 37
Bottom of scarf hold (bridge and roll escape) to cross mount, knee bar to finish.

Chain 38
Side drop throw (Yoko-otoshi), to cross mount, walk around to top of mount, paper cutter choke to finish.

Chain 39
Sprawl to defend against takedown, standing guillotine, pull to guard guillotine to finish.

Part 2

Defense against combined punch and kick / knee
Right punch, left kick
Left punch, right kick
Corner throw - from punch to head
S-block, punch stomach, corner throw, kick kidneys, kick head to finish.

Rear throw - from punch to head (Japanese name: Yoko-wakare)
S-block, punch stomach, rear throw, kick kidneys, punch head to finish.

Side wheel - using shoulder arm lock
S-block, shoulder arm lock, uki turns arm, side wheel throw, kick kidneys and punch head to finish.

Shoulder wheel - left-hand stance (Japanese name: Kata-guruma)
S-block with punch to stomach, shoulder wheel throw.

Shoulder crash - right hand stance
Cross block, double strike ribs, shoulder crash throw, heel stomp chest to finish.

Attacking kicks to the body - 10 versions
Kicks to the sternum, solar plexus, groin, L. outside leg, L. inside leg, L. knee, R. inside leg, R. knee, R. outside leg, spine.

Sleeper hold - from punch to head
S-block, sleeper hold.

Defense against 2 attackers
Held by both arms by both attackers
Bear hug over arms by one attacker
Two attackers striking.
Advanced ground grappling procedures

Additional Non-Jukoshin Syllabus Required for Grading

Ground Self Defence Syllabus
Preventing the takedown
Forearm block with sprawl, elbow to back of head, knee to head as they back up, strikes to head with kick to groin to finish.

Escape from guillotine choke
Protect neck, drive forward, attack face, site back in guard, strike groin, strike eyes or throat, figure 4 leg lock, stomp spine to finish.

Grappling Syllabus
Chain 40
Bottom of mount (backdoor escape) to Achilles ankle lock to finish.

Chain 41
Opponent pulls guard, near knee through pass to cross mount, bravo choke to finish.

Chain 42
Bottom of North/South (leg swing escape) to bottom of closed guard, kimura arm lock, opponent rolls out, continue kimura arm lock from cross mount to finish.

Chain 43
Bottom of knee on belt (push knee escape), opponent goes for a knee bar, push out counter to far guard, knee bar, opponent defends with crossed legs, heel hook to finish.

Chain 44
Low ankle shoot takedown, move to cross mount, move to scarf hold, step over arm bar to finish.

Chain 45
Bottom of closed guard, near knee though to top of cross mount, move to mount (2 versions), switch to knee on belt, arm bar (near and far) to finish.

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